Turkish Olympiads Worldwide

Turkish Olympiads Worldwide
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gulen's 9th Annual International Turkish Olympiad ends in Turkey.

President Gul satisifed his ego by meeting with children from over 100 countries that attend the Gulen Turkish schools.  Gul praised their teachers.................wish Gul would do the same for the students of Turkey and the 300,000 unemployed Turkish teachers who are NOT Gulenists.

The ninth Turkish language Olympics held with the participation of children and youths from 130 countries has been wrapped up in Istanbul with a colorful ceremony.
Posted 02.07.2011 09:02:48 UTC
Updated 03.07.2011 08:18:16 UTC
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who attended the ceremony in Istanbul said, in a speech he made at the closing of the Turkish language Olympics that the languages spoken in the world are the common treasury of humanity and this is an occasion where the masters of love meet in the beauty of the Turkish language.
The ninth International Turkish Olympics went on a journey in Turkey, visiting a total 26 provinces with the slogan “Let’s get acquainted."
The closing ceremony of Turkish Olympics took place in a festive mood.
Erdoğan congratulated the administrators of Turkish schools on their success and said those are the schools carrying Turkey's messages of peace, friendship and fraternity to the whole world.
Erdoğan said further that today we are the followers of Yunus Emre who made an appeal to get acquainted centuries ago with his pure Turkish and noted that we are the members of friendly and sister nations who have made an alliance and met in one of the most prevalently spoken languages of the world spoken in 5 continents. He also said that Turkish is the language of peace, of sharing and of solidarity, stressing that it is not the language of anger, hatred, grudge and animosity.
The students bid farewell to Turkey singing in that festive atmosphere the song “A New World.”

Receiving the representatives of the contestants at the 9th International Turkish Language Olympiad, President Gül congratulated the Turkish teachers at the Turkish schools abroad on succeeding in imbuing foreign students with the love of the Turkish language and proclaimed the students from the 130 countries who participated in the competition to be like the UN’s Good Will Ambassadors making efforts to spread all blessings and goodness throughout the world.

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