Turkish Olympiads Worldwide

Turkish Olympiads Worldwide
The same SHOW a different location "7 billion people 1 language" here we have American Gulen Students with the Islamic Flag of Turkey and The USA flag. DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the result of Gulen censorship which filed fake copyright infringement reports to UTBUE

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gulen Charter Schools participate in Turkish Olympiad NY

Charter Schools managed by Gulen followers participate in Turkish Olympiad.  Nothing more ridiculous than seeing African Americans in Turkish Costumes. 
Turkish Olympaid with participants from Gulen managed Charter Schools.  Nothing like seeing African American students dressed in Turkish costumes. 

11th international Turkish Olympiads

With pre-qualifying rounds the 11th international Turkish Olympiads has been held in America as well as all over the World.

The Turkish Olympiad hosted 130 students from 15 schools in the northeast region, winners will represent the region in the Olympiads which will be held in Istanbul.

The Turkish Olympiad was organized at Monclair State University and mainly sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Center. Students who participated were from 9 different states between the ages 12 and 18 years old and competed in singing, poetry and cultural folk dance. Students showed their signing skills not only in Turkish but also in Chinese, Spanish and English. The program opened with the American National Anthem and Turkish National Anthem. The Opening speech was done by President of TCC Oguzhan Senturk. He thanked all the teachers and who contributed to the Turkish Olympiad, he said, “expects to win this year’s Turkish Olympiad which will be held in Turkey.

In the competition, teams of Turkish and American students, performanced on cultural folk dance of Bilecek and the Giresun region. Amity School Brooklyn took first place with the Bilecek cultural folk dance.The Paterson School took second place with the Giresun cultural folk dance and the Bergen School took third place. The amphitheater was so packed up that the audience was singing along with the contestants.

The Categoriesof singing in Turkish, Liann Aris who is student at Amity School took first place, she sang “Hor Görme Garibi(Don’t despise poor by Orhan Gencebay)”. She will represent her region in the Turkish Olympiad. Sevili Muminzhanova who is student at James Madison High School took second place with singing “Gunun Birinde (One day)” and finally Alexander Harris who is student at Central Jersey School took third place, he Sang “Hakim Bey (Mister Judge)”. The Audience enjoyed the wonderful musical performance and also a group of students danced with the rhythm of Kemence, which was applauded for a long period of time.

The Students’ performance in reciting verbatim poems amazed the audience in the category of poetry recitation in Turkish. Elizabeth Bowman who is student at Liberty High School took first place; she recited “Baglanmayacaksin by Can Yucel”. Mariam Quraishi who is student at Amity School Brooklyn took second place, she recited “Merhaba (Hello)” and finally Shannon Grierson who is student at Paterson School took third place, she recited “Istanbul’u dinliyorum (Listening Istanbul)”.

Category of singing in English, Nathanail Paige who is student at Central Jersey School took first place. She sang Diamonds by Rihanna. And her performance was praiseworthy. Zehra Abacioglu who is student at Amity School Brooklyn took second place. And Tatiana Hernandez who is student at Bergen School took third place.

Category of singing in Spanish, Suzan Akpinar who is student at Amity School Brooklyn took first place, she sang Poromporompero. Tess Kamuanga who is student at Pioneer Charter School took second place and Alexander Harris who is student at Central Jersey School took third place.

Category of Singing in Chinese, Emma Riglin who is student at Young Scholars of Central Jersey School took first place and Nicholas Hausler from Central Jersey School took second place.

Category of Poetry in Native Language, Gulnur Avci from Amity school Brooklyn took first place, Leyla Ulusoy from Pioneer School took second place and Hacer Kok from Bergen School took third place.

Winning students of the contest will be rewarded on May 4th, 2013 at Pace University in Manhattan.




Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gulen Turkish Olympiad in Ethiopia

Etiyop'ya International Turkish Olympics qualifiers this year,"Universal Peace Right"was the slogan. Turkish schools in Ethiopia, organized by the country's finale viewed with great enthusiasm. In the final song, poetry, folk dances, traditional dances, a lot like the scene of the Ethiopian Academy students had an enjoyable moments the audience.

Ethiopia was once a Christian country (Mostly Coptic Christians) but they now struggle with Islamic radical groups killing villages, burning down homes, etc.,  Now the Gulen Cult proudly manipulates them. 

Gulenists also opened many businesses in Ethiopia one is a Textile Mill.

Gulen Schools Worldwide: PKK leader gives greetings to exiled Gulen

Gulen Schools Worldwide: PKK leader gives greetings to exiled Gulen: http://www.worldbulletin.net/?aType=haber&ArticleID=105185   Sirri Sureyya Onder, a Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) member of...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

2nd Turkish Olympics

The Gulen Turkish Olympiads combines the religious Sufi Islamic spinning.


These are the Gulen schools in the Mid Atlantic competiting, although it doesn't say the school name
they give the name of the towns they are from like Greensboro (Triad School of Excellence)


6th Gulen Turkish Language Olympiad New York 2013


Turkish Cultural Center, New York has been organizing Turkish Olympiads since 2007 in order to promote better understanding of Turkish culture, enrich multicultural diversity and encourage learning of Turkish language in particular. There has been a growing interest in the contest and this year we are expecting hundreds of Turkish and Non-Turkish competitors to participate.

The successful competitors will receive their medals and prizes during the prestigious award ceremony. The award ceremony will take place at Michael Schimmel Center for The Art, NY on the May 4th , 2013

The theme for this competition is ‘’Turkish Language Olympiads, Towards Universal Peace’’. In this regards, the competition welcomes other categories from different languages and cultures. Namely English, Spanish, Chinese and Cultural Folk Dances of different nations

6th Annual New York Turkish Olympiad is organized and mainly sponsored by Turkish Cultural Center New York. The contest consists of two stages; the Qualifying Rounds and Semi Finals.

And The Award Ceremony will be organized to perform special cultural shows and award students in different categories

There will be 3 main categories and 6 other competitions during the Qualifying round as follows;

Main categories:

1) Singing in Turkish

2) Poetry Recitation in Turkish

3) Cultural Folk Dance

Other Competitions:

1) Poetry Recitation in Native Language (Turkish Language)

2) Reading Contest in Native Language (Turkish Language)

3) Turkish Language Speech Contest

4) Singing in English

5) Singing in Spanish

6) Singing in Chinese

In the main category and other competitions, the best 5 performances will be eligible to proceed to the Finals from the Qualifying Rounds and best 3 Performances will be awarded at the Award Ceremony. The best 3 items/performances will be rewarded and the winner in each competition will be privileged to entertain the audience during the Award Ceremony and receive their awards.

The Qualifying Rounds

The Qualifying Rounds will start with breakfast at 9 A.M and will continue with the performances from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Students competing Songs in English, Spanish and Chinese Language are exempted from the test. Place for the qualifying rounds will be announced at the web page.


Finals will be held in New Jersey on March 24th,2013. Finals will start at 2 p.m. and end at 5 p.m

Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony will be held at Michael Schimmel Center for The Art, NY on the May 4th , 2013.Award Ceremony will start at 2 p.m. and end at 5 p.m. Top performance of each category will have live performance. In addition top three performances in singing in Turkish category and top two performances in Cultural Folk Dance will do live performance at the Award Ceremony.

The top performances of the following categories may represent New York Region in 10th International Turkish Olympiad in Turkey between June 1st – June 16th, 2013 if the competitors meet participation criteria of Turkish Olympiad in Turkey.

Singing in Turkish

Poetry Recitation in Turkish

Cultural Folk Dance

Turkish Language Speech Contest


There will be nine categories in the contest that the competitors will compete. The Categories of the contest are: Singing and poetry recitation in Turkish, cultural folk dance, poetry recitation in the native language (Turkish Language), essay writing, Turkish Language Speech Contest, singing in English, Spanish and Chinese. The Panel of Jury will evaluate the performances according to the evaluation criteria determined by the Organizing Committee. The decision made by the Panel of Jury is final and irrevocable.