Turkish Olympiads Worldwide

Turkish Olympiads Worldwide
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gulen Turkish Olympaid, Ghana contestants get congratulations from Erdogan

A fabulous closing ceremony at İstanbul’s Sinan Erdem Dome for the Turkish Language Olympiads has left bittersweet memories, signaling the end of a two-week festival full of poetry, dance, Turkish culture and music.
Participants, who came from 130 countries, in this year’s competition wrapped up the two-week long finals that were held across Turkey in İstanbul, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also in attendance, praising organizers and congratulating students.
The Olympiads, organized by the International Turkish Education Association (TÜRKÇEDER), bring together hundreds of foreign students each year from Turkish schools established throughout the world. This year’s Turkish Language Olympiads, which included nearly 1,000 students from 130 countries, started with a spectacular opening ceremony at İstanbul’s Dolmabahçe Palace on June 15. As part of the Olympiads, the students are expected to compete in 13 categories, ranging from poetry to songs. Various events, all under the umbrella of the Olympiads, were held throughout Turkey.
Those who won awards in various categories performed once more on the final night and Erdoğan personally went on stage to congratulate a group of students from Ghana who performed a traditional Black Sea folk dance called “horon. Erdoğan said in his speech that he once more would like to congratulate Turkish schools that have spread all across the globe and that he is proud on behalf of his country and the nation to see teachers and students from Turkish schools in countries he has visited.
The prime minister said he remembers the architects of these schools and that he congratulates the administrators of these schools who convey to the world Turkey’s messages of peace, brotherhood and solidarity in the most sincere terms. Erdoğan added that he “kisses the foreheads” of those teachers who have carried the light of the Turkish flag to the remotest places in the east, west, south and north.
Many people from the world of business, politics, sports and arts came to watch the event, and 106 local and foreign journalists covered the event.

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