Turkish Olympiads Worldwide

Turkish Olympiads Worldwide
The same SHOW a different location "7 billion people 1 language" here we have American Gulen Students with the Islamic Flag of Turkey and The USA flag. DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the result of Gulen censorship which filed fake copyright infringement reports to UTBUE

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gulen Schools Worldwide to compete in Gulen's 9th annual Turkish Olympiad in Turkey

The 9th International Turkish Language Olympiads will be held with contestants coming from 130 countries.

The Olympiads are organized by the International Turkish Education Association (TÜRKÇEDER). The introductory meeting for the Olympiads was held in Taksim Ceylan InterContinental Otel. The association has produced various commercial films for the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe which were shown in the introductory meeting.
 TÜRKÇEDER Chairman Dr. Ali Ursavaş said thousands of contestants will be coming to Turkey to participate in the Turkish language Olympiad. Thousands of students participating in the Turkish Language Olympiads is news of a new world and contribution to the peace in the world.
 Şirin Zeynetinova, a participant from Turkmenistan, sang the Turkish folk music “Mardin kapı şen olur” at the introductory meeting. Zeynetinova stated: “It was not hard to learn the Turkish language. I will be competing in the singing category.”   oops the Gulen schools were kicked out of Turkmenistan!!!
 A participant from Mongolia, Cayhlan Erdembay, said he learnt the Turkish language in Turkish schools in Mongolia. Erdembay said the Mongolian and Turkish languages are close to each other and stated that Kıraç and Murat Göğebakan are his favorite Turkish singers.
 The opening ceremony of the 9th International Turkish Language Olympiads will be held in Dolmabahçe Palace on June 15 and the finals will take place in Ataköy Sinan Erdem Sports Hall on June 30.

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